See What Some Of Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying About Us

Quality Service

“Sarah and her people are absolutely wonderful to work with. Ultra flexible in scheduling and her rates are better than anyone in the DFW area. I have used two different well known national companies and neither of them can compete with Smart Cleaning in price or quality of service. They strive for perfection and will ALWAYS do the right thing to make things right with their customers. For those of you who may be worried about commercial cleaners being used like the others, Sarah and her Smart Cleaning team use an all natural cleaner that does an amazing job and leaves the whole home smelling clean and fresh for hours afterward.  In this day it’s hard to find good values in services, but if you are looking for value, great customer service and a company that stands by their word and deed, look no further than Smart Cleaning DFW for your home cleaning needs. They also do amazing make ready cleanings as well!”

Vernon E. in DFW, TX

Allergy Relief

“Sarah and her crew efficiently tackled the construction dust saving both my sanity as well as my allergies. I would highly recommend Smart Cleaning for all of your cleaning needs. Thanks again Sarah.”

Yoni T. in Hurst, TX

Prompt & Efficient

“In the real estate business, we are always in need of a great cleaning company that we can rely on. Smart Cleaning has taken care of countless clients and friends of bears. We have been working with them for a couple of years and they are always making us look good! I would describe Sarah and her team as prompt, detailed, efficient, adaptable and warm / friendly. Thank you for your hard work, Smart Cleaning team!

Kristin T. in DFW, Texas

Professional & Fast

“Professional, Friendly, Flexible. Fast and Thorough! WIN WIN FOR ALL. The team positioned themselves as a family coming over to help. They were a blessing and i hope to have an on-going relationship. Thanks for sending them our way. “

Cheryl H. in Coppell, TX


“They were reliable and courteous than anyone else I spoke to.”

Cheryl in Coppell, TX

A Great Surprise

“I didn’t know they use all natural, organic products only, and that was a great surprise to me, and just love the idea to establish a company on that. Great idea, kind, fast working ladies! I couldn’t have done the quality work they did! Thank you for calling me!”

Anna O. in Irving, TX

Trustworthy Cleaning Company

“Reliable and trustworthy. Hardworking”

Homeowner in Irving, TX

A Great Cleaning Everytime

“The team from Smart Cleaning has been servicing our home for the past few years. Everyone is professional and we receive a great cleaning every time!”

Kathleen H. in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX